Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Goose Chase - Scavenger Hunt For The Masses

Update - Bottom of Post!

Goosechase.com is a fantastic tool that works on mobile devices (iOS or Android) and on computers.  Combine collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking into one "mission" learning experience.

While Goosechase allows for a "recreational" free option, it is intended for only friends and family. To Goosechase's credit, they understand school budgets are tight.  They have provided a "request for classroom license" option which allows K-12 or College/University students to use one game per request.  Requests are unlimited and does provide a way for educators to use the tremendous tools of Goosechase without purchasing anything.  Please note, that the request needs to be made in advance.  Allow for plenty of time before the game is played.

*Note: We are finding that emails get mailed quicker if a game does not have a password.  I suggest that you send the email a day or at least a night prior to the learning lesson.
*Since we are not one to one, we are asking our students to get the app on their phones.  No one has objected yet.

View how it works via presentation

View how it works via video

Thank you Ms. Slusarek for creating the video and for trying this with your students!

Get Chasin'

Mrs. Jessica Moseng, high school physical education, incorporated this today (May 4, 2016).  Video and images of students "getting physical fitness without knowing it" occurred during the entire time!

Watch and view the happenings!
View more images!
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