Wednesday, May 21, 2014

iMovie On iPad - Adding Subtitles

Ms. Slusarek, high school Spanish teacher, wanted to have students add one word subtitles to highlight the specific chapter vocabulary that they use throughout the iMovie production.  They need twenty subtitles that will help check for correct spelling, contextual use, as well as, aids in audience comprehension.

I knew that text could be attached to video or images in iMovie on the iPad.  The key to making this work is to splice the video between phrases on the video storyboard.  When no transitions exist, there is a seamless transition between video clips that is NOT noticed by the viewer. The image below shows this.

I chose to use the Title > Middle option to make it look like a subtitle.  Overall, I believe this can be a great feature for students to create written word along with audio words.

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Impact On Students:
Citizenship: I view this slightly differently in this situation.  Providing written words for students who may have hearing challenges is only fitting.  If the activity allows for students to understand the text better, great!  However, providing equal accessibility for all is fantastic!
Critical Thinking: Hearing the spoken word and translating it into written word takes a great deal of concentration.
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