Wednesday, November 20, 2013

iMovie Updates In iOS 7

Many great features have been added to the iMovie app in iOS 7 for iPad.  My Explain Everything video will, well, Explain Everything.  Providing students with a storyboard prior to creating will help in the process.

Important Features

  • Three tabs get you access
    • Video
    • Project
    • Theater
  • ? Button always has answers (use it)
    • Yellow tab has > provides more information
  • +
    • Movie
    • Trailer
  • Movie
    • Flexible, Creativity
    • Pictures/Videos
    • Add any music you want
  • Trailer
    • Set areas for pictures/videos
    • Set areas for text
    • Rigid
    • Music is provided
  • Projects Tab>Click Specific Project
    • Small Triangle Button--play video without producing it
    • Box With Up Arrow--produce video
    • Trash Can--Delete
    • Pencil--Edit Title

Video Link

CANVA--Creation Tool

Impact On Students
  • Creativity--It's all about creativity.  It's endless
  • Critical Thinking--Providing a storyboard prior to creating a video will enable efficiency while using the app
  • Citizenship--If the videos are being published to the web, consideration must be made for proper digital citizenship.
Medium--informational text
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