Thursday, November 13, 2014

Introducing the Flex Mod Schedule To Students and the Community

As we progress to the flexible schedule for our high school in 2015-2016, our communication intensifies.  To do this, our art teacher, Mr. Sperduto created a tremendous infographic that will be displayed throughout our building, given to students, and distributed throughout our community.

In addition, I created a video with raw video footage provided by Mr. Manning and Mr. Mentink. The video was created with Final Cut Pro X, which is a Mac program I learned about at the Apple Distinguished Educator Institute in Austin in 2013.

Our principal, Mr. Matczak, completed a voice over of a Google presentation that Mrs. Mathys and Ms. Koch created.  The voice over was completed in Camtasia because the Google presentation was able to be screencasted.  Also, the editing features were perfect for cleaning up the voice over.

The Final Cut Pro X and voice over were combined using the Camtasia Program.  Worked perfectly.

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