Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Visual Flashcards - Anatomy Tissues

Yesterday, the anatomy teacher and I co-taught using the email features on the iPad, photos of tissues from the teacher's website, and the Skitch app.  The students saved the pictures of the tissues to their camera roll and proceeded to mark the important parts of each picture with the Skitch app.

As explained by the classroom teacher, this individual review option allowed him to see exactly what each student understood.  In addition, in the past each one slide would be shown on the projector with the entire class providing feedback.  This always allows for some students to not participate as much as they should.  Another option in the past was to have students view the slides through the microscope and then draw and label the items in their notebook.

As you will see, all students were engaged and created a stack of visual flash cards in their email inbox.  In the future, setting up a Gmail folder for these emails would help organize the emails for easy access and studying.

See how the students used the app:

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