Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's Not What I Know, It's What The Teacher Knows

When I coach football, we always talk about "It's not what the coaches know, it's what the athletes know."

I think the same holds very true when formulating a plan to integrate technology into a teachers classroom content.

I have really grown to like using flowcharts for deciding when and how the technology is integrated.  Creating boxes with concepts and tools along with dates and responsibilities creates a seamless educational environment that the teacher can understand.

This is a flow chart which demonstrates the final creation of a two week unit which provides research for a symposium that the students will conduct.  SEE ENTIRE PROBLEM BASED INFORMATION

After discussing the information, the teacher and I determined the best process for the students to create and share.

See the pictures of the end product!  (Always take pictures with your iPad!)
The red writing is the expected dates.  The green writing is the process and tool. (some computer/some iPad). The Blue initial is the the responsibility.  Who is going to complete what!

The last aspect is the use of a Google Form to collect all of the creations from the students. VIEW IT!  As a #techcoach I always enjoy showing how to make a form, but actually creating the form.  This is an easy way for me to take some work from the teacher while still having them understand the concept.  Eventually, I will have them create it.

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