Friday, March 22, 2013

World Geography Cultural Study Using Pic Collage and Skitch

In the past, Mrs. Brylski had students create advertisements for a beverage to be sold in a European country.  Students would use Microsoft Word or Publisher and the cut and paste method.  The final products would be placed into plastic sleeves in a binder.

Since we don't have Microsoft products, we needed a different method.  We decided that Pic Collage would be a great alternative because it provides layering, cropping of imported pictures, text, stickers, and multiple exporting options!  We did need to incorporate the Skitch app as we experienced a better paragraph writing experience.  We simply exported the Skitch creation to our camera roll.

Combine that with the Google Drive app to share the final products with the teacher and a real marketing person, the students are experiencing an authentic learning experience.

View the process!

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