Thursday, March 14, 2013

SoundCloud iPad App For Interpreting Folk Songs

Mrs. Brylski and her AP Human Geography students are discussing Folk and Popular Culture.  SoundCloud provided a great tool to showcase how music exemplifies the differences in the origins of folk and popular culture.  Folk songs tell a story or convey information about daily life.  Students were asked to describe what story their song tells.  Students needed to discover the origin of the song.  They needed to describe the diffusion of the song.  Finally, they needed to decide why it was considered folk and not popular music.

After researching lyrics, origin, and any other information pertaining to the song of their choice, they created a SoundCloud clip which allowed for the song to be heard.  More importantly, they discussed it and interpreted the song as they saw it.

The teacher created one classroom account that all students logged into on the iPad.  After the class completed the work, the teacher changed the password.

The final products were fantastic!

See the process in action:

Here are some individual productions:

In this one, a student SINGS the song.  Amazing how if we let students use their talents, they create amazing products!
Listen to the complete list of interpretations!

Other uses of SoundCloud at PHS.
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