Thursday, March 14, 2013

Superimposing Photos On iPad In Calculus 2

Our calculus teacher came to me with this:

I want students to bring in an object, take a picture of it. superimpose it on a grid and take measurements.  Then develop the equation to calculate the Volume of the object using calculus.  I need you for the image capture and superimposing,

and this link.

I have never been asked this.  Off to discover I went!

1.  Explain Everything-a go to app, but not for this-can't blur one photo on top of another
2.  Visualize - used before, but not for this-can't blur one photo on top of another

Another Need: find a piece of graph paper!  Initially I was using Visualize app and it needed a specific resolution of an image.  This lead me to the Graph Paper app.

Eventually, I found this...

Superimpose App

It didn't require a specific resolution of graph paper.  Therefore, I was able to simply save an image of graph paper from a Google image search.

After one hour, this is the final solution that I have come up with...

Take picture of an object with iPad camera, store in camera roll

Save image of graph paper from Google Search to iPad

Use Superimpose App for combining two images.

Export final product of two pictures to camera roll

If the students need to manipulate the two images further, the SKITCH app will be used for annotating.

See final products:

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