Thursday, January 26, 2012

Student - Led Conferences Night 2

This night was really highlighted when a dad of one of our students placed his son's professional blog on his smart phone.  To top things off, his dad placed a notification so that every time his son posts on his blog, his dad will be notified.

Connection. Communication. Engaged.

See the son's reaction!

Another great win went like this: (apologize that I don't have video)
Two parents of our our students have not allowed their children to use Twitter.  One of those parents attended conferences tonight.  As his daughter was talking through the agenda for the night, he waved me over and asked about Twitter.

I explained to him ways that we use Twitter in the classroom:

  • Our MVP - most valuable point from a day's lesson
  • Anything that interests the students should be posted to the world
  • We created a Twitter Timeline of events from the Road to the Revolution
  • Another way to ask questions of students and teachers
I also explained to him that we teach students how to be professional while using social media and not banning it.  Just as we don't ban students at 16 from using the car, but teach them how to drive.  We do the same with technology.

After the explanation, he looked at me and said, "Sign her up tomorrow!"

Win. Win. Win.  Both for me and the smile that was brought to the student's face!

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