Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Podcasts For Learning

Because of my recent dedication to using Podcasts To Learn about a wide variety of items, today's Lunch N' Learn is all about Podcasts.  Podcasts are NOT new, but in preparation for today's learning opportunity with teachers, many teachers don't know how podcasts work, where to get podcasts, or how to distribute them to the students.

What's made podcasts better for me in recent weeks, is the need to NOT download podcasts but to simply stream them via a computer or mobile device.  This allows for "what do I want to listen to today" to occur when the time is available.

Some of the best educational podcasts I find helpful are below:
I also like Dodger Talk! (It's educational, baseball style)
You'll need a Podcast App for listening on the go!
You can also find all podcasts on a computer!

I recently provided my fourth listicle on Podcasts For Learning.

So get started with podcasts:

Connect your Smartphone to your automobile for mobile listening.
This video can help:
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