Saturday, February 20, 2016

Google Images + Google Drawing + Lucid Press = Publishing Options and Success

On Monday, we have one of the best days in our school year pertaining to professional development.  I am part of a group of teachers from our district that are willing to teach other teachers in our district trending innovative teaching strategies that include emerging technology tools.  All of our teachers get to choose three different tech sectionals throughout the day.  We also have lunch and "a sandbox" running opposite each other for emerging tech gadgets.

My first presentation for the day is an overview of the great iPad creation app, Explain Everything.  I have presented this before during the first semester Apple Core trainings, but all of the attendees are new to the details of this tool.

My second presentation is an "first time" presentation of Google Images, Google Draw, and Lucid Press.  Our district is on the verge of moving away from the Microsoft products for teachers.  Our students haven't had Microsoft for three years.  I really like the SlideCarnival template that I used. It is my intent to show new creation options for teachers to create "Microsoft Publisher" type products.  Some items that I focused on:
Google Images:
  • Size
  • Color
  • Type
  • Time
  • Usage Rights
Google Drawing:
  • Integrating With
    • Docs
    • Sheets
    • Slides
  • Layering
  • Tools
  • How To Connect To Google Drive
  • Creating
  • Templates
  • Tools
  • Publishing
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