Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Three Act Math

Today, Mr. Mihalski and Mrs. Gulan provided the challenge of a Three Act math problem.  In preparation for this, I filmed the actual activity and used Camtasia to place the (Dan Meyer) timer and video together.  The students used iPads to review, investigate, and discuss the problem at their own pace.  The great thing about this was that it was messy.  Questioning and not giving was the theme by the teachers so that the students did the work!  It also begins to give students (even though they don't know it) the skill of explaining mathematical reasoning which will be an important skill when the Common Core State Standards SMARTER balanced assessment takes place in the future.

Once the video was created, I presented it to the teachers in the format of an email.
Below are the directions that the math teachers and I developed.  The questions are anticipated questions that we thought the students might come up with.  The math teachers determined the math that transpired from the footage, while the technology integration specialist delivered the video for classroom use.

Act 1: Show this video Students may need a slow version

Act 2: Allow students think time...take on questions.
  Questions that may be asked. 
     1.  How many steps are there?
      1a. How are the steps to be numbered?  Where is zero?
      2.  Do both teachers start on the same step?
      3.  Is Mr. Mihalski taking two steps at a time?
      4.  Do we want to know the step or the time that they will meet?
      5.   Is Mr. Mihalski really wearing two different shoes?

This will be messy.  Avoid telling the students the answers.  However, it may require some input from you.

*I realize the time in the videos is inaccurate.  While it will be changed for next time, it gave students a great opportunity to use their BYOD and retime the action.  

For the students to view the video footage, I created a classroom blog with the teacher.  This gave the teacher a digital presence on the web.  See the students in action:

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