Friday, July 19, 2013

My Week As An Education Rock Star

During the last week, I have participated in the Apple Distinguished Educator Institute as a member of the Class of 2013.

There are many times in my classroom experience where something will be said and it reminds me of a song or phrase of a song.  I will then start singing phrases of that song much to the chagrin of my students.  It doesn't help that I stop singing and say, "You know, I should have been a rock and roll singer"  And as you can imagine, my students "boo me off the stage"  because I truly can't sing!

But this week was different.  Man, was this week different!

In 20 years of being an educator, I have humbly accepted praise for my good work, but I have NEVER been treated like a rock star!

Not this week.  Not this week.

Apple, Inc. treated the 400 participants in The Institute like rock stars.  We were provided with an AMAZING work atmosphere!  Music pumped through our ears as we entered sessions which always seemed to be the exact words to make you want to change the world.  We were praised continuously for our innovative ideas and thought provoking questions.  We never had to worry about eating!  We didn't need to "pay for our meal up front" and then wait for the reimbursement!

We had groupies!  Personal Learning Networks (PLN) groups that truly cared about where we were and what they could do to help.

We had security!  Men and women with white shirts and black pants provided us with that "we are important"stance and protection.  We had professional recording studios for creation of audio and video files.  We had famous creation and improv people inspire us with presentations and activities. We had really professional people, The Improve Lady and Duarte Group, constantly wanting to talk with us to provide feedback as to how we could create and innovate.  We were provided with so many human resources, from graphic designers (did you notice the bolder more beautiful iPaddiction header?) to coders to thought agents that made us Think. Question. Create. & Share!

All of this made me feel like a Rock Star if but only for a week and it really made me ask this question:

     "Why are educators in our society not treated with the same attention as the super star athlete        or the best lead singer of the best rock band?"   

I am sure the answer is different for all of you, but the one thing remains.  Most rock stars and athletes may not have achieved greatness without their teachers to guide, inspire, and refine their talents.  There are so many teachers deserving of the treatment that was provided to us this week.  Our society would do it self a favor if they treated teachers and the educational system with the same energy and passion as they do with a rock band or an athlete.

Teachers Are Rock Stars! 

This week we were treated like ones at the Apple Distinguished Educator Institute.  For that, I will do everything I can to encourage worthy teachers that innovate and inspire students to apply for the Apple Distinguished Educator Institute Experience because I too want teachers to be Rock Stars!
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