Monday, September 29, 2014

Google Templates, Google "Save As A Doc" Google on the iPad

Google Template
Many items that pertain to content area, classroom management, and personal computing can be found in the Google Template Gallery.  People around our school district and the world can submit "documents for use" so that students or teachers can use them in their classrooms.

The Google Template Gallery is not automatically in your Google Drive.  You will need to restore the gallery into your drive.

Having students or teachers submit documents/forms/sheets/presentations to the gallery can provide some great resources for YOU to use.

Mr. Barszcz, English teacher, created a Sub Plan Template that could be used by any teacher for any subject.  Consider using it.

Mrs. Moehr, FACS teacher, created a grocery order form that can be used during each project.  No need to recreate.  An "automatically created" new document is created for you.

Mrs. Forsberg, middle school teacher, created a paragraph/essay planning template.  When students "use this template" a new copy will be created for the students.

Google "Save As A Doc"
Through this blog post, I was provided a solution to a problem that has perplexed our teachers who use forms for some time.  When lengthy questions are entered into a Google form, it is challenging to read in the "sheets" format.  Finding the "Save As A Doc" add-on, places all chosen cells of data from a sheet into a document which is easy to read.

Google Shuffle Questions on Forms

Google on the iPad
Mr. Ken Westphal, technical support, provided our staff with excellent directions that explains why/how a Google doc, spreadsheet, or presentation can be edited on the iPad.  Remember, the Google Drive app (video is from 2012; some slight current differences) now does not allow for editing one of these three items...

  • If users want to Edit a Google Doc, they'll now need the Google Docs iPad app - see here
  • If users want to Edit a Google Spreadsheet, they'll now need the Google Sheets iPad app -see here
  • NEW - If users want to Edit a Google Presentation, they'll need to the Google Slides app -see here

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