Monday, March 10, 2014

GetKahoot! Engaging & Effective Interactive Classroom Tool

We have Chromebooks, iPads, and student personal devices in EVERY classroom of our district.  We want technology to be used for educational purposes!  We want technology to make our job of educating our students more effective.

GetKahoot!  accomplishes all of this!

Students don't need a username and password.
Students can use ANY device.
Students are required to "know their stuff."
Students love gaming aspects!
Students love multiple choice!
Students love winning!

Teachers enjoy engaged students!
Teachers enjoy enthusiasm in the classroom!
Teachers enjoy implementing their content!
Teachers will love the preview screens!
Teachers could include one a week.

New Features To Kahoot: Rich Text Editor, Kick Inappropriate Names Out
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GetKahoot!  Preview Mode
This was a huge selling point for me!  Through GetKahoot!'s website, I am able to experience dual roles as the student and the teacher.  This allows me (and teachers) to view just how it will look when the Kahoot! is running in the classroom
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Our Final Scores!
A Lunch

 B Lunch

 C Lunch

Congratulations to COBRA (Joel J.) for 
being the Lunch N' Learn Overall Champion!

Our high school math department implemented GetKahoot!  after a homework assignment discussion and before a quiz.  

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