Friday, February 7, 2014

Top Tech Tool For iPad and Chromebooks

We have multiple devices in our district.  I am often asked "What tool can I use for..." and then the task is unveiled.  With that, I decided to create a Top Tech Tool Infographic.

I chose the Pro version of Piktochart for creating the interactive infographic.  The amount of icons to choose from and the ease of uploading my images was fantastic.  To make all the images uniform, I chose to use Publisher to create a shape on a document.  I was able to right click on the shape and format the shape with a "fill in effect" of a picture.  I then saved that picture as a new picture.  Worked perfectly.

A huge thank you to Tony Vincent for inspiring me to finally put this together.  His "Show What You Know" was the motivating factor for creating something that can be used by our district and the educational world.  I love his infographic because it provides tools for creating assessment pieces of knowledge.  I included a number of other "tech tasks" that always seem to be asked of me.  Reviewing each of these tools helps to support our teachers, because they can spend less time finding the tool and more time creating with it.  This impacts students in their educational setting.

I will continue to update the infographic if and only if a more efficient tool finds its way into my educational learning environment.

I have created a number of options that join the Top Tech Tool Infographic Family.
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