Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lunch N' Learn: Rethinking Slides

Today's Lunch N' Learn focused on how to rethink SMARTboard slides and PowerPoint Slides.  Last week, we looked at how to rethink slides that are in front of students.  This week, two teachers have graciously provided one SMARTboard document and one PowerPoint presentation that we take a look.  Our goal is to rethink how the slides and presentation may appear.

Allows for Presenter View that looks like this:
What Your Audience Sees

What The Presenter Sees

Video Tutorial On How To Enable This

View Rethinking Of Slides

  • Write on Smartboard slide normally by extending the page
    • In summary, use the camera to take a picture of parts of the written text
    • These pictures will be placed on new slides
  • Write new steps on new slides
  • Extend the slide but provide a single line on the white canvas

2 of a 3 Part Series
Part 1
Part 3

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