Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lunch N' Learn: Rethinking Slides Using Google Presentations

Today's part three of three Lunch N' Learns focuses on Google Presentations as a tool that can eliminate the noise and focus the signal on staff presentations.

Many teachers have used the Effective Google Presentation Tips for Students prior to having students create presentations.  Consider looking at these prior to making your next Google Presentation.
  • Five Words On A Slide
  • Tools > Research > All Google Features On Side Of Presentation
  • Insert YouTube Clip
  • Snipping Tool To Get Images
  • Text Box > Fonts
  • Arrows > Shapes > Lines
  • Single Most Important Piece of Advice --Stop The Bullet Point Madness
Effective Google Presentations Consider Showing To Students

Word Focus is critical!  Do NOT put what you say on the screen.  Eliminate ALL the words so that people will listen to your passion and energy instead of reading your words.

Inserting An Image Consider rethinking the way images are presented to your students.

Google Presentations With Speaker Notes By making a few simple clicks, you will never miss an important point, while your audience views a Focused Message!

Effective Examples
I am thankful for the many teachers who have shared their "this is my new presentation because of Lunch N' Learn" See how one teacher has changed her presentations.  She also commented, "students do listen more when they are not racing to write down all the words on my presentation slides."
3 of 3 Part Series
Part 2
Part 1

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