Friday, October 12, 2012

PicPlayPost In Physics Class

The physics teacher wanted to use iPads during the 15th annual Steve's Fashion Show.  The tool was to be used to engage and enhance the already successful activity.  Students create a walking pattern that is reflected in two types of graphs.

I thought that the PicPlayPost app would be beneficial since it allows for three to six different videos and or still images to be displayed on one screen.  If multiple videos were used the videos could be run consecutively or simultaneously.

Having this option would allow for graphs detailing the activity and video of the activity to be displayed in one screen.  Add in a picture of the group and now a digital representation of the activity is created.

We will be uploading the videos using the Google Drive app as all of the videos from PicPlayPost can be exported to a number of areas.  We chose the Camera Roll on the iPad.

Great. Day.

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