Saturday, October 13, 2012

Teaching U.S. Citizenship to 10 Year Olds Through CheckThis and Smore

The social studies team wanted a Web 2.0 tool to use on computers (not iPads) so their students could meet requirements of a project.  The project allows high school students to teach fourth graders how to become U.S. citizens.

Two options were used.

Both services are free.  Both services allow for text, video, images, and links. allows for slightly better configuration as far as variety of layout. provides for easy login as it connects to a account.  This option made it quite easy for the students to start working on their project.

Overall, each tool can provide a great service for creation projects.

To collaborate, students did need to create a Google Document for sharing resources that eventually will be placed onto their creation.

While I haven't used , I have created multiple creations for our weekly staff
Lunch N' Learn.
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