Monday, January 16, 2012

Individual Instruction Based On Assessment Data

On Friday, students completed our first ever paperless quiz.  From that quiz and the use of a Google form, I have received valuable data that was used for individual instruction.  This individual instruction allowed students to have the unmastered concepts to be retaught.  In the mean time, students on their iPads watching individual instruction on a new concept.

Transition from direct instruction to individual review small groups

Second Transition:

Third Transition:

My Reflection:

  • Overall, I believe that it was a valuable use of the iPad for individual video lessons and individual review of quiz material.  Some might argue about having the students use a video to help, but those same people may not be in a classroom with 26 students who need your attention.  The video allows for me to be everywhere!
  • After reviewing the work  by students, some students need to do a better job of checking over their entries in the Google form.  Some students had the correct answer on their work, but didn't record the answer correctly on the form.  I emphasized with students how important it is to check over their work so that it coincides with their inputted answer.  A learning lesson!
  • After experiencing a different way of providing feedback in the form of individual videos emailed (here as well) to the students, I felt like the data from the Google form provided definitive data for corrections.  I also felt that the whiteboard lesson was more interactive and controlled than the individual videos.
  • Will try again!
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