Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chapter Assessment Video Comments To Students

As I was correcting our end of chapter assessments today for the 3,126 thousandth time (approximately) in my long teaching career, I said to myself "there has to be a better way to provide positive and constructive comments about the student's test to the student."

There Is.

After correcting the tests, (we still use paper and pencil for this...hoping to change soon) I recorded a video message to each student using my iPad2 camera.  At the beginning, I placed the camera directly on the students name as it was written on the paper.  This allowed me to see who the video clip belonged to when I went back to review each video.

To distribute the video to students, I sent it in an email to their school Google Email.  The only negative to this is that the video must be less than 1:00 in length.  If it is not, the video asks for you to clip it prior to emailing.  I did and clipped the last 10-12 seconds of the video.

After I sent all the emailed videos to each individual student, I sent a mass text as an email to the students telling them, "Algebra Students: Check Email For Chapter 3 Test Comments" 

The entire process of video tapping and sending took less than 30 minutes.

21st century way of communicating


➔Students who performed very well on the assessment do not need to sit through corrections

➔Students who need help can be instructed AND invited for more help during team study

➔Quick response to assessments - students know score

➔Allows for the NEXT class period to be an immediate start to the next chapter

What I Want To Improve On:
Finding a way to make the comments longer for those that need personalized instruction
➔This was my first attempt, I am sure that I will become for efficient.

The video was edited to remove the name:
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