Friday, January 13, 2012

Paperless Quiz on iPad

I had to try it!

Our first formal quiz strictly using the iPad.  Paperless (as far as the school's budget).  I scanned the test as a .jpg and inserted on our classroom blog.  I created a Google form using Mr Schwen's creation.  Another item that we noticed and implemented was touching the scanned pictures of the test in another window by touching and holding the picture with one finger.  A very cool part of the process is that the scores and explanations of problems that they missed instantly gets emailed to the student.

If you don't have time to watch, view all the great feedback comments BY STUDENTS & ME at the bottom!

Student explains how she easily imported the test into Notes (formally Noterize).  I will be giving these directions to students the next time we complete this task.  She then emailed me the note of her work.  She was efficient at using this process.  I need to get everyone to be like this!

 Some of the student's work from the above process can be found below.  I will respond to her work in an email.  This truly would be a great process if every student could get to be efficient at this.

Comments from students on the process:
  • I actually like it because I can have as much space as I need on my own paper.  I am not restricted to just the space on the test. ~Jenna
  • I like it, but I wish the first answer in the nn the Google form was blank.  In jumping back and forth from test to Google From, I forget where I am at. ~Heaven
  • Honestly, I don't really think it is that hard of a process.  ~Noah
  • It does get somewhat confusing clicking back and forth between test and Google form along with my work on paper. ~Jarrett
  • A little difficult, but next time I'll know what I'm doing (referring to technology) ~Brianna
  • It was ok, not too hard, but it was hard to get it onto an iPad to work. ~ Shannon
  • I liked it because it was a lot easier to do the problem on a separate sheet of paper. ~ Lydia
  • I still prefer paper and pencil, but for all the paper it saves, it was pretty good, ~ Justin
  • I liked that you can see your score right away, because I'm nervous about how I did. ~ Kennedy
My Comments:
  • Wish I could find an easier way to have students do work on iPad!
  • Love the data created by a Google form
  • Love the fact that I only have to look at work on the test.
  • Thankful that maybe I can save some money on paper expenses!
  • Make sure I "Revert To Draft" my blog post when test is over, which removes the test from online.

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