Friday, December 9, 2011

Writing Process With Digital Devices

IMPORTANT: I know the post is long, the REALLY good stuff is at the bottom!

With the help of our cooperating teacher and our language arts teacher, we concluded our thirteen colonies unit prior to assessment with compare and contrast, four paragraph paper.

The Process:
A GAFE email sent to students yesterday.  We had two, two hour blocks.  We focused on following directions.  Where it says "Check In", teachers held a one on one session with the students to help with ideas and editing.  We did not help with directions.  We did write on paper, so that we could use the iPads for recording and listening to the edit and for publishing to G Docs.  We'll work on that in the future.

Today, in class you will be given some independence to follow this list of directions. Do not copy other students because directions may vary. Please complete these tasks in the following order.

  1. Read through ALL the directions and information in this email! (Return to this email if you have questions about what to do. Teachers will be helping with writing- NOT DIRECTIONS! ANY questions not about your writing will cost you points!)You will be writing a 4 paragraph paper comparing and contrastingTWO (2) COLONIAL REGIONS (Pick any TWO- NEW ENGLAND, MIDDLE, OR SOUTHERN COLONIES)  

The structure will be THE SAME AS THE WAR COMPARE AND CONTRAST PAPER (see below):

(Introduction paragraph) Attention getting sentence. Topic Sentence about the entire topic.

(Second paragraph) Topic sentence about similarities OR about differences OR about one topic. Followed by three main ideas about the similarities, differences or topic WITH EXAMPLES and TRANSITIONS.

(Third paragraph) Topic sentence about ANOTHER similarity OR difference OR one topic. Followed by three main ideas about the similarities, differences or topic WITH EXAMPLES and TRANSITIONS.

(Conclusion) 1-2 sentences to sum up and bring closure to your thoughts.

  1. Take out a clean sheet of paper. Title your new document- “Your Name’s Compare and Contrast: American Colonies” 
  1. Begin by writing your introduction (FIRST) paragraph- an attention getting sentence about your topic, followed by your topic sentence for ENTIRE paper check both sentences off with the teacher (Follow teacher direction to make your writing better).
  1. Next, when your introduction paragraph is checked off, write only the TOPIC SENTENCE for the SECOND paragraph and flip the paper over to write the TOPIC SENTENCE for the THIRD paragraph. (Check off both at the same time by your classroom teacher- BE READY to explain the main ideas and examples you will discuss in both paragraphs).
  1. Return to your desk and complete BOTH paragraphs using complete sentences, transitions and correct punctuation.
  1. Once they are written out, use a flip camera or iPad within your homeroom to video/record a reading/editing of your paragraph OUTLOUD- making notes of editing that is needed while you read. Watch video again to LISTEN and LOOK for errors or confusion. Ask a friend or your homeroom teacher questions. IF YOU ARE CONFUSED ABOUT TO DO- PLEASE SEE EXAMPLE TITLED “Editing Monster” on Room 2025. 
  1. The video and your editing need to be checked off by your classroom teacher. 
  1. Once editing is complete, write 1-2 sentences for your conclusion (FOURTH PARAGRAPH) of your ENTIRE topic and check it off with your classroom teacher.
  1. When your writing has been completed, open your Google Docs, create a new document titled “YOUR NAME’s Compare/Contrast: American Colonies” and SHARE it with Mr. Reisler, Mr. VanSchyndel and Mrs. Schwittay and after you are finished writing, POST it to your professional blog. 
  1. When this is completed please read your DEAR book or study for Social Studies Assessment on Friday options for study are available

Break will be given at the bell between 8th and 9th hour…DO NOT ASK TO LEAVE BEFORE OR AFTER. Ladies will be dismissed from class for break first, and after ladies leave, boys you may go. DO NOT get out of your seat before the ladies have left the room!

Grades will be given based on completion of tasks (4 check offs x 3 points each =12 total points), following directions (15 points- are lost when you have not read clearly and followed direction laid out in email), and ON TASK behavior (6 points-are lost only when you need redirection to task).

One of the teachers in our house, allowed Frank to explain some information!

Student Comments After The Process: (GET READY FOR THE TEAR JERKER!!!"

Student #1: "Mr. R, I had fun doing this writing process."
Student #2: "This is the FIRST time that Student #1 has ever said FUN and school work together"

Student #3: "This activity made me feel smart!"
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