Saturday, April 9, 2016

RecessDuty Podcast Episode 001 - Terry Manning - Educators Telling Their Story

I've listened to many podcasts and all of them are so well done.  Some of my favorites are
So many educators who have tried podcasting say, "Just do it!" So, I did.  It's nothing fancy, and if I continue with podcasting I'm sure I'll get better.
Welcome to the RecessDuty Podcast, where everyone is having fun on the playground!

My process:
  • Voice Memo app on my iPhone to record
  • AirDrop to my MacBook Air 
  • Import into blank Garage Band project
  • Edit audio by replacing quiet time during original recording
  • Share Export Song To Disk as MP3
  • Use Soundcloud because I have an account and still have free minutes available
  • Create Podcast image in Keynote
  • Embed in iPaddiction
It's not as official as MANY podcasts out there.  It's not on iTunes.  However, it is a recording of a great teacher's story.

So many teachers have stories and so many people don't get the chance to hear them!

I'll try to make the stories available for people to listen to!
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