Monday, February 9, 2015

24 Google Slides Templates You Can Use On Your iPad

There is no shortage of Google Slide templates found on the web that can be in addition to "already created" templates with in Google Slides.
While browsing for templates, SlidesCarnival makes the "Hey, Look at me!" statement that you can't ignore.  The templates are fantastic!

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On the web, using them is quite simple,
Start creating...

However, this process does NOT allow you to use them on an iPad.

My solution.

Using THIS GOOGLE FOLDER, all of the templates have been downloaded into this folder as a .PPTX.  Clicking on this FOLDER in the Safari web browser will allow for downloading the file.

Once the download has completed, A "Open In..." feature will be present so that it can be opened in the Google Slides app.

Once you have opened it in the Google Slides app, adding images and adjusting the text is easy.

View how to...

On the iPad and in Safari, CLICK HERE TO CHOOSE A TEMPLATE.

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