Monday, January 18, 2016

Global Issues: Flipboard for Current Events Finalized With a TED Talk

Our Global Issues class with Mrs. Schartner began a journey at the beginning of the year to learn more about current events.  Mrs. Schartner and I discussed the power of current events using the iPad and decided to utilize Flipboard.

Throughout the semester students discovered issues through articles and reflected on them.  The iPad and the Flipboard app was an amazing tool to engage students with global issues that they may not otherwise be interested in.  I personally use Flipboard for gathering technology news related to education and have created three of my favorite magazines.  

Students also watched numerous TED Talks on Global Issues throughout the semester similar to the one below. 

Fast forward to the end of the semester and students combined two global issues articles they found through the Flipboard app and created their own personal TED Talk.  

On Stage. In Front of Peers.  TED Talk.  Our Students.  Watch Some of Them.

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