Tuesday, November 10, 2015

iPad As A Research Tool

A teacher recently asked me, "How should I best use the iPad as a research tool with students?'

Some suggestions:

Effective Research:

Flipboard: Get The App

  • After understanding effective researching strategies, I would absolutely  download the Flipboard app and create an account.  Searching any topic in Flipboard will provide digital magazines for the students to follow.  I would also have the students create a magazine that they would "flip" potential resources into as students are researching.
Notability: Get The App
  • Once resources are found in Flipboard or using a "Google Search", Notability becomes the one stop shop for "housing" all of the information.
  • Full-featured handwriting
  • Advanced word processing
  • Media insertions of images, web resources, audio notes
  • Notability fully exports as a complete file or pdf to the Canvas app

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