Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Flipboard: Three of My Favorite Magazines

I've been flipping and reading and reading and flipping magazines using Flipboard for a couple of years.  In the spring of 2015, I taught our teachers about Flipboard.  Three magazines have become front runners as resources for me and other educators.

Digital Workflow
View my Flipboard Magazine.
This magazine is everything I can find on the web (via Flipboard's curation) that helps students or teachers with efficient work flow with digital tools.

Apple Ecosystem for Educators
View my Flipboard Magazine.
This magazine focuses on anything, and I do mean anything, that will help our staff and students migrate from a PC way of doing things to a Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV way of doing things.  We have a plan of being 1:1 with iPads in three years.

Flex Mod Schedule
View my Flipboard Magazine.
Our high school is truly innovating with a "Flex Mod" schedule in 2015-2016. Students will have more flexibility and responsibility to harness their educational time in high school.  This magazine contains all resources that can help with any aspect pertaining to the flex mod schedule.

Whether on the iPad, iPhone, or using a computer, Flipboard has become and incredible learning and teaching tool.
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