Wednesday, April 17, 2013

United States History Movements

The Process:

How Do I Create a Thinglink? via Vimeo

How Do I Create a Thinglink? via YouTube

How Do I Create a MentorMob?

How do I create a

Before students view other students' work, they will create a list of 4-5 items in which they will be assessed on. We are focusing on class discussions for four items.  The fifth item will be purely based on what the authors of the product would like to be assessed upon.

Submitting the Final Product
Students will supply their final product through a Google Form.

Final Personal Product
After viewing numerous creations on the three movements, students will create a CREDO
about one of the movements that they learned about or a movement they are passionate about.  This will provide a personal connection through which students will acknowledge their understanding of movements and there results.  The CREDO will be submitted using a Google Form!

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