Friday, April 19, 2013

Google Presentation For Choose Your Own Adventure

After discussion with Mrs. Hocking, a sixth grade teacher, we decided that Google Presentation would be the best tool for students to create a "Choose Your Own Adventure".

Best because...
  • We are a Google Apps For Education School
  • No age minimum
  • Students know their log in and password
  • Students are familiar with Google Docs/Presentation tools
  • Collaboration Options
  • Sharing Options
Most important feature "Create Links For Choose Your Own Adventures"...In 20 Seconds

See complete details of how a "Choose Your Own Adventure" can be created.

Flow Chart & Student Expectations

Mrs. Hocking explains why Google Presentation is easy to work with...

View the "Choose Your Own Adventure" Example Presentation


Consider using this technique during your next staff development option.  I used this with teachers in August of 2012.  
Read written directions!

@edtechlori shared her resources for a "Choose Your Own Adventure"  Fantastic!
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