Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Book Creator App: End of Unit, End of Year, Projects, Endless Possibilities

A few students and teachers in our school have dabbled in creating with the tremendously popular Book Creator App.  Currently, our Civics students are experiencing our school's first full implemented Book Creator App learning opportunity.

The Civics instructors created templates to assist students with the gathering and publishing of information.  With the great features of "open in" and "combining books", both found on the iPad, the workflow was efficient.

Finally, students collaborated with their group to create a final product which was published to Canvas for easy evaluation.

The templates were placed on Canvas and students easily "opened" them in Book Creator to add their information!

The presentation below was given to the students in a 10 minute time frame.  Each slide represents features of the Book Creator app that will help the students create a quality product.

Learn more about Book Creator features!
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