Friday, October 5, 2012

Creating America's Story on the iPad

The eighth grade allowed students to tell the story of America using three apps: Toontastic, Sock Puppets, or iMovie, or Explain Everything.  To share the productions with the masses, we needed a work around YouTube as students don't have access to YouTube in our school.

To do this, we had students get everything to the camera roll on the iPad.  With iMovie and Explain Everything, we had no problem.  Students simply exported the creation to the camera roll.  With Toontastic and Sock Puppets, students filmed the production of the apps with another iPad.  This created the movie on the iPad.

We then used the Google Drive app and a laptop to complete the process.

Once the creation was on the iPad, students completed this step by step process.


See the steps of the process for exporting in action.

Not a perfect process, but certainly an effective one!
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