Tuesday, September 4, 2012

IFTTT Explanation

I have seen a number of references for IFTTT, pronounced LIFT without the L, and decided to investigate.  One of the challenges of a #techcoach is finding resources that will be beneficial for teachers and then ORGANIZING them.  Organizing them to the point that they can easily be accessed in the future.  Teachers provide learning targets and content, #techcoach es provide resources.

First, a person needs to create an IFTTT account.  Took me seconds.  Then a TRIGGER needs to happen. This means that IF This Happens, Then That (Action) should take place.  I am utilizing Evernote for organizing of all resources.  One major reason is that when I Google something, I have my Evernote account as a resource that should be searched as well.  See how to set this up!  More Info From iPad Today!

See the video on how to set up a Trigger!  Happy organizing!

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