Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Google Calendar to Organize Teacher Preps

As a #techcoach with approximately 20 teachers who are part of my specific group that I work with, I was struggling with what teachers had what preps when?  In other words, I do think it is important to be visible to talk with teachers as I have noticed that when teachers see you, they usually have an idea or technology question.  After we talk, the question is answered or the idea is fostered.  Hence, knowing when students have an opportunity to talk is very important!

I decided since my Google calendar is my one stop for organization of time, I would create a Google calendar that would only be used for prep times of teachers.  This calendar is separate from my personal calendar.  After entering a repeating event every Monday through Friday for each of the teacher's prep times, I am able to display that specific calendar when I want to schedule a meeting with a teacher.  I placed the teacher's name and department in the "untitled event" text box.  I also made sure that I did not click any email or pop up alerts.  The agenda style seems to be best view for seeing the full names of teachers.

I really like that the calendar can be turned off, not displayed, when I don't need it.  It really is the perfect tool to overlay on top of my personal calendar.

What would I ever do without the ability to have MULTIPLE Google calendars?

Google calendar set up instructions below:

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