Thursday, July 26, 2012

Math Teachers Making Word Documents Available on Web

While the iPaddiction blog has mostly been about the use of iPads (and will continue to be as we purchase more for the district), it will also be enhanced to include ANY form of technology used in the classroom by teachers in our great district.

Today, after a CCSS math department meeting, a teacher wanted to know how to make Word document files into PDF files and ultimately uploaded to Google Drive.  This will allow for the document to be placed on a blog.  The main reason for this is that most math teachers have used Microsoft Equation Editor which doesn't play nicely when uploaded to Google Drive.

So here are the steps to convert a Microsoft Word Document to pdf.

  • Choose this option, and save it to your desired folder or location.
  • Upload the PDF to Google Drive

A somewhat lengthy process, but one that allows for a Word document filled with Equation Editor math problems to be shared with students on a blog or website.

By the way, the entire time I was teaching the teacher how to do this I remembered my philosophy.  Having a slogan, theme, and/or philosophy makes the job of teaching so much easier!

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