Saturday, July 28, 2012

Teaching Learning Team Establishes Web Presence

Four people will comprise a Teaching Learning Team that will establish relationships with departments to  facilitate their procedure for teaching.  If teachers have an idea, we want to facilitate getting them as many resources as needed to meet their learning targets.

As we formulate these relationships, a web resource area needs to be the "go to" place for teachers to request help from us or acquire resources on their own.  It will continue to grow as our team transforms learning for educators.

My specific section so far will be the CCSS page in which I have created areas for grades 6-12 educators to obtain supplemental problems that will help our students make the transition.  At this time, math and ELA are the sections for supplement problems. In addition, I created a Mobile Resource and Web Resource page.  I think a nice touch was the inclusion of a CCSS news resource that will aggregate its stories from Google news.
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