Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Movement and Apps Engage Students

The following reflection outlines the process of my math class yesterday while introducing a new concept and new algorithm.

I have utilized movement in my class room (up to 4 times in one class period) as a method for stimulating learning.

Students moved back to the "direct instruction" area to direct self learning in finding information on the web or in an app related to the "Zero Product Property".

After students had time to discover, they became the teacher.  I am always amazed as to the information that students find.  Equally amazing is how well students listen to students teaching.  Of course, my questioning guides the students to produce additional, relevant information.

After the presentation of information by students, I provided direct instruction with all the steps to complete ONE problem.  Following this, students watched one video of ANOTHER video that I created.  I have never tried this, but the response was overwhelmingly positive from the students.  The reason?  Students were able to stop, rewind, and review the process of completing a problem.  This was incredible as students received more direct instruction, but the students that understood immediately could move on to group work, while students who needed more information could watch the video as many times as they wanted.

This became a great use of teaching through video!
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