Monday, June 25, 2012

Blog vs. Site For Digital Teacher Presence

Teachers are starting to inquire about which tech tool may be better for their classroom presence.  After a thirty minute session with two outstanding teachers, I decided that a blog post detailing blogs and sites would be appropriate!

Two happy clients on their way to having a classroom digital presence.

  • If you don't have time to read the entire post, take this:  blogs are updated always, and sites are static.  You may also need to create a new blog each year!

Google Blog Positives
  • Updated information always at the top of the website.
  • Labeling as a use of categorizing
  • Embed YouTube videos
  • Embed Google calendars
  • Embed Gadgets
  • Embed Pictures
  • Links to anywhere on the web
  • Create pages
  • Multiple layouts, designs, templates 
  • Shorter URLs (web addresses-your address(.)
  • Searchable by Google 
  • Can leave comments to blog posts
  • Archiving of blog entries
  • Can create pages, but cannot have blog posts on these pages
  • Multiple authors (great for collaborating with other teachers)
Google Site Positives
  • Static
  • Insert a wide variety of tools (see below)

  • Create pages
  • Updated announcements (similar to blog posts) can be placed on a page, but cannot be organized or labeled
  • Pages can have an area for comments to be placed, usually on the bottom
  • Can upload files in numerous formats (could be useful for previously created documents in Word)
  • Protect certain pages for viewing by a select group
  • Templates available, but not as many as blogger
  • Multiple authors (great for collaborating with other teachers)

Articles from other sources that may help you decide.

Bottom Line:
Both are great!  You decide!  Either way, your students and parents will be provided with great resources from your classroom!

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