Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Is This iPad Thing Really Working?

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What I know!  I know this technology, iPad thing is engaging students at an all time high.  So many videos that are in my blog are students completely involved in the educational setting.  Maybe it's just the great students I have.  Maybe it's just the great room I have.  Maybe it's just the great furniture I was given.  I doubt it!  The iPad is a living, breathing, interactive tool that requires, yes, I said requires, your attention!  This I know!

What I don't know!  Is the iPad really helping students learn?  Is it helping them to MASTER standards and concepts that the state says they should know?  Is it moving them ahead of students who do NOT have a digital tool in their hands every hour of every day?

Where I am going!  We are planning a meeting with the five model classroom teachers to discuss this very thing.  It will occur during the first week in February.  How do we assess to prove that a digital device improves the ability of a student to learn.  I look forward to discussing this attempt to prove and will obviously present process and findings!
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