Saturday, September 3, 2011

Students Create New Game - PBL Introduction

This was a great idea.  We have an "afternoon block' of one hour and twenty minutes to complete social studies and communication arts.  47 students learning at one time.  Our first attempt at the problem based learning aspect was to demonstrate a game that has never been created.  Since placing 47 students in one room would be challenging we created a Ustream Channel and broadcast the instruction to two different rooms.  It was quite successful.  In the future, we want to incorporate Google Chat so that students from the other room can communicate with the students that are being presented.

Students watching in another classroom.

We have 12 different learning areas in our two classrooms.  Students have access to a large whiteboard learning area.  This was fantastic for students to draw, write, and create their game.  The best aspect of the whiteboard area is that it does NOT need to be erased.  Students will return on Tuesday and their ideas will still be present.  AWESOME!

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