Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Apple Core - Resonate: Ignite Passion Through Better Presentations

I have studied Nancy Duarte's work and read a number of her books.
I love what she talks about.  As an educator, I have been on a quest to inform and challenge teachers to create better presentations since 2013.

I was blessed with the opportunity to teach sixteen teachers from our district on elements of better presentations.
  • The Reason For Better Presentations (Slide 7)
  • The Glance Test (Slide 11)
  • The Delivery (Slide 36)
  • The Goal (Slide 54)

Within the presentation, teachers were asked to perform a "Glance Test" and "Delivery" evaluation of past presentations.  The top of the document has been reduced from an original by Nancy Duarte to one that teachers can use.  I also added a checklist for evaluating the delivery portion of a speech.

I also incorporated Flipgrid to gain feedback from teachers after the session.  Teachers were asked to choose either the "Glance Test" or the "Delivery" to reflect on and then the "Goal".  The goal of creating three presentation throughout the year that incorporate the "Best Of" everything that we talked about is the expectation. 

We will be meeting again in one month to see an "old presentation" and how the "new presentation incorporates many of the ideas discussed during Resonate: Ignite Passion Through Better Presentations. 

*Slide 61 provides resources

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