Friday, September 16, 2016

PHS Live Video Announcements - Stop Auto Focus on iPad

We just completed day two of Friday live video announcements produced and created by students.  As anyone knows from the iPaddiction Nation, we use iPads.  We are using and might I add very impressed by Switcher Studio and the Switcher Pro app!

We are utilizing two iPad Minis, an iPad Air, a Mac, and a PC for production.  We chose to go this route because all of our students will have iPads and didn't want to purchase additional cameras, computers, and switchers.  We are utilizing a multi use device (iPads) to accomplish a task.  Our media teacher, Mr. Manning, announcers, Matt and Lauren, along with studio helper, Annika, are moving forward and starting to develop great content all while utilizing iPads!

As we progress to make it perfect, I noticed that "camera two", our main camera, was moving in an out.  I discovered that around 35 seconds the lens started moving in and out trying to refocus on the subjects.  After some research, I discovered that there is a "lock" feature on the iPad/iPhone camera.

The yellow lock is presented at the top of the viewer.  To remove, tap the screen.

Our team is looking forward to the next production!
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