Monday, March 23, 2015

Snapguide: How To Make...Tool

Snapguide has been a tech tool for a few years.

I have not had a reason to use it until Mrs. Moehr, FACS teacher, presented me with "Is there a technology tool that can create a step by step guide to demonstrate creating a garnish for a food?" View the complete project

Enter Snapguide.

While Snapguide is web based, the iPad and Snapguide App is truly the tool that makes the entire process quite simple.

After thinking through the Mrs. Moehr's project requirements, I decided Heavenly Mint Dessert would be perfect for an Andes Mint garnish and a great example using Snapguide.

The final product viewed on the web looks like a scrollable poster.  Embedding the Snapguide is also available with custom creation of the "highlight color" and size of embed.

Check out How to Create Andes Mints Garnish for Heavenly Dessert. by Recess Duty on Snapguide.

While taking pictures from the internet for a Snapguide is an option, I found it was challenging to find the exact steps in pictures that I wanted.  After creating an account for the first time using the iPad, small tutorial bubbles of help text will be displayed.

Taking the pictures prior to creating the Snapguide proved to be effective as I was able to click on all of the pictures in my sequence at one time.  

If a web browser is available, the same process exists for creating a Snapguide.  It is possible to drag and drop multiple images into the Snapguide on the computer.  The images will be placed in the order in which they were on the computer.

After screen shotting each step of the next example on the iPad, I uploaded the images to Google Drive so that I could download them on my computer.  Snapguide needed to have the images be a .jpg.  I needed to convert the images from a .png file which was accomplished in a few steps.
My second Snapguide provides step by step directions to create more storage on an iPad.

Check out How to Create More Storage on Your iOS Device. by Recess Duty on Snapguide.

To complete the project, a Google Form has been created to acquire the web links associated with each Snapguide.  In addition, students will have the opportunity to create appropriate comments on peers' creations.  Again, this will be a great opportunity to for teachable moments on appropriate digital citizenship.

*No "under 13" age restrictions allows for all grade levels to use this tech tool for creating step by step tutorials.

Snapguide Ideas For Content Areas
  • Social Studies: How to understand (any event in history)
  • Science: How to create (a certain lab)
  • Math: How to create (an answer with the Quadratic Formula) or any math concept
  • English: How to create (a well written paragraph)
  • FACS: How to create (any food item)
  • Autos: How to change (a tire) or related activity
  • Woods: How to make (a chalkboard cabinet door)
  • Art: How to draw (a face) or anything
  • Foreign Language: How to write (a proper sentence)
  • ELL: Choose a Snapguide and read through the steps while viewing related images
Upon completion of using Snapguide, students had some completed products.

VIEW THEM  Visit Mrs. Moehr's Blog Post

View how students used the Snapguide as a reference while creating the garnishes.

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