Tuesday, November 19, 2013

PDF Escape For Fillable PDFs

PDF Escape is a fantastic technology tool to create pdf documents into editable documents.

Have a document that you want students to fill in? 

  • Create document in Google or Word
  • Convert it to a PDF
  • Create an account in PDF Escape
  • Upload the document
  • Add editable text boxes directly in the areas to be filled in
  • Save document
  • Download the document
  • Send as attachment in an email or upload to Google Site
Your document will look like this while creating it.

Perfect for:
  • Articles summaries
  • Book reports
  • Video reflection
  • No need to recreate documents if already a pdf, just make the pdf editable.
Thanks to Mr. Rusk for inquiring about this which allowed for me to find a new technology tool.

Impact on Students:

  • Critical Thinking: Reflection questions can be posed to students who must thoughtfully answer the questions.  
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