Monday, July 29, 2013

Flipped Classroom Learning Experience Day 1

I was blessed today to spend hours with seventeen teachers who want to get better!  Our motivation for getting better was the opportunity to learn about the flipped classroom.  I incorporated and modeled many tools that teachers can use as I thought modeling would be a great method for introducing and learning philosophies, methods of, and tools to produce exemplary flip classed environments.  Below are the complete presentations and resources that go with them that were used today!

History Of Flip Classroom

  • Provided a great beginning to what a flip class started out as and where it is going.
  • Introduced as a viable tool for communicating with students
  • Slide six was an Evernote that was created with Clearly Chrome Extension app
  • Slide eight provided a two minute video of the founders
  • Slide nine provided four minutes of multiple examples of Flipped Class content
  • Incorporated iTunesU Flip 101 to introduce three types of a Flipped Classroom
    • Traditional Flip
    • In-class supplement
    • Challenged Based Learning
  • Introduced as a viable way to gather video assessment or reflection
  • Thankful for so many people willing to share their knowledge and their questions
  • #FlipClass twitter stream was introduced
  • learning community introduced
  • Used Google Forms to acquire reflection on articles that participants found interesting
  • Also used music during the reflection time...once three songs played, reflection time concluded
  • Created "Turn In Folder" for participants...participants were the students
  • Google Drive became a clear cut favorite as a work flow solution
  • Provided numerous free and paid canvas creating tools
  • Provided numerous free and paid screen recording options
  • Additional iPad app resources were introduced and demonstrated
  • Video hosting tools were introduced and explained
  • Participants used the "Turn In Folder"to provide reflection on resources
  • Provided four (4) options for FREE Cloud storage of videos
  • Utilized Google Forms for students to ask questions; questions and answers will start Day 2
  • Homework
    • Bring content from participant's class to start planning a lesson
    • Participate in the #Flipclass chat on Monday night from 7-8 Central
    • Reflect on the #Flipclass chat using Google Document & the "Turn It In Folder" 

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