Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Haiku Deck For Essential Elements of Life

I had created a Haiku Deck presentation for our Lunch N' Learn and "A Blog To Make A Blog".

Today, in Mr. Lenz' class of Physical Science or Lab Science was our first setting for using Haiku Deck with students!  The teacher wanted the students to investigate "Essential Elements of Life" found on the periodic table.  We provided the students with a Google Drawing that organized their information into six slides.  Students completed research for these six slides and then placed important information on the Haiku Deck.

Positives of Haiku Deck:

  • Stunning graphics
  • Copyright free images related to words on slides
  • Limits words on slides 
  • Forces students to focus words to provide information
  • Pictures say a thousand words
Negative of Haiku Deck:
  • Accounts needed to view final products
  • We created a classroom account
We used the gradual release method of teaching.  As a techcoach, I provided insight into the use of the tech tool the first two class periods.  During the third class period, the teacher demonstrated how the app worked.  I was in the classroom for tech support, but wasn't needed.  

We created a Google Form to collect the link that is provided by the final product of the Haiku Deck.

View the process and insight from the students on what they enjoyed about Haiku Deck.

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