Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Promote Yourself; Promote Your Content

Promoting yourself as a professional educator or providing a "here's my content" from my class can take many forms.  You could use one of these tech tools to promote a high school department, complete with staff information.  The tools could be used for proclaiming the great information found in a class.  A group of teachers could promote their class in just a few simple steps.    In addition, anyone of these tools could be used as a tech tool to instill classroom concepts.  Maybe an about page is used for a historical person or a historical event!  Finally, are you starting to create a classroom digital presence?  Are you blogging about your instructional techniques?

Below you will find some great tech tools that may help to promote yourself & your classroom content as an educator!

Free, easy to use, stylish

My Example

Good, but slow loading

Works On iPad, Great quick option for class concept!

Google Sites
Use personal Gmail account

     Great customer service!
     Easy user dashboard

1and1 - Custom Website
Create a custom url for your information page that you created above.  Easy to connect!
Ex: www.yourname.com
Easy Gmail extension to enhance your email

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