Friday, January 25, 2013

Blog To Make A Blog

Thanks to the efforts of our Instructional Technology Coordinator, this Friday will be our school district's 5th annual technology in-service in which staff members can choose two different sections to learn new technology techniques.

We are focusing on apps:
  • Google
  • Apple
  • SMARTboard
In addition, we are providing an additional one hour for teachers to follow up with support on any topic that they may have learned in the two initial sessions.  View the format by clicking here!

I am teaching "Classroom Conversation With Blogger"  I decided to create a "Blog To Make A Blog"  Each step of the creation process is detailed in a two minute video which teachers can play in front of students.  Teachers can experience being a student and learning the blogging process, but don't have to master it.  The videos will be the teacher, with support from the content teacher.  In addition, examples of uses of blogs will be presented.

To access the opening Haiku Deck (iPad app) presentation view below.
Specific Presentation!

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